The Wisconsin landscape is beautiful, and I believe it is important to keep it that way for our children and generations to follow. As a legislator I have consistently promoted policies that ensure Wisconsin’s environment is protected. One of the extraordinary features of our beautiful landscape is the multitude of water sources in our state. Wisconsin is blessed to share a border with two of the world’s five Great Lakes. We also have a plethora of streams, rivers, and inland lakes and whether we are swimming, boating, fishing, or just watching a sunset over the water, we truly treasure these resources.

However, a common ingredient used in everyday consumer products is threatening our water – microbeads. Microbeads are tiny, non-biodegradable plastic particles used in personal care products such as body wash and toothpaste wherein the beads provide an exfoliating effect. These beads are so tiny that they cannot be filtered out by water treatment facilities and end up being discharged into the Great Lakes and other local water systems where they pose a threat to fish, wildlife and humans. Recent research has found these tiny microbeads in all five Great Lakes. As a result to these findings, I supported legislation to ban the manufacture and sale of synthetic plastic microbeads in consumer personal care products.