Education is the key to strengthening communities, providing opportunity, and promoting upward mobility. I will continue to approach education with a student centered approach.

A student centered approach to education means we present parents with maximum information on school performance and provide them with options to select a school that best serves their child’s needs. I have strong working relationships with educational leaders and hundreds of parents throughout the community. These relationships have led to more flexibility for parents, teachers, and school districts. I will continue to support our teachers, as demonstrated by my successful efforts to allow tax deductions for classroom expenses. We ask a lot of our teachers yet they go above and beyond what is expected.

Our universities and colleges need to be affordable and effective. As a direct result of applying my skills as a Certified Public Accountant, we were able to bring to light hundreds of millions of dollars in funds within the UW System. This has led to five consecutive years of a tuition freeze at UW schools making the system among the most affordable universities in the country.

​We need to expand programs like Dual Enrollment, which I assisted in creating. Dual enrollment begins training our high school seniors in high demand fields like welding, tool and die making, and information technology by enrolling them in technical college. The highly praised program has been a win for students, employers, K-12, and colleges.