Education is the key to strengthening communities, providing opportunity, and promoting upward mobility. I will continue to approach education with a student centered approach. A student centered appr…
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I have always believed in a fair and simple tax code that rewards taxpayers not tax collectors. Since taking office in 2011, we have simplified our tax code by reducing rates, condensing brackets, rem…
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Throughout my time in the State Assembly, I have been an advocate for common sense solutions that allow individuals and their doctors to be at the center of health care decisions. I have supported fun…
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Supporting Small Business

We must get government out of the way for small business owners and entrepreneurs who will invent, innovate, and provide the goods and services of the future. Throughout my tenure in the Assembly, I h…
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We must work to ensure that veterans have the proper resources to return to civilian life and contribute to their local community. After serving in Iraq in 2008 and currently serving as a Major in the…
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We published a comprehensive plan that would improve our state’s infrastructure and transportation fund, while at the same time substantially lowering Wisconsin’s income tax. The “Road to a Flat…
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