Dale Kooyenga

A leader in the legislature, military, and community dedicated to the people of the 5th Senate District.


Citizen soldier

Citizen legislator


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• MBA from Marquette University.

• CPA with experience working with Wisconsin’s largest healthcare, financial services, non-for-profit, and government entities.

• Chief Financial Officer of a water purification company in Milwaukee’s 5th Ward.


• Currently serves as a Major in the United States Army Reserve with thirteen years of service. 

• Awarded Bronze Star for service in Iraq. 

• First Commander of Wisconsin’s 1st U.S. Army Counterintelligence Unit. 

• Previously served in Korea and with NATO Allies


• First elected to State Assembly in 2010

• Focuses on reducing government waste, allowing taxpayers to keep more of their hard-earned paycheck, and enacting effective educational reforms that focus on outcomes.

• Believes legislators should be part-time and refuses fringe benefits on principle such as sick pay and health insurance, saving taxpayers thousands.

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